Web Design & Development + Branding + Graphic Design


ConnectEV is South Florida’s leading electric vehicle charging installation company. After working with the CEO Frank Lynch on past projects including TrueFrame and True360, we were contacted to build up all the promotional material for ConnectEV from start to finish. It has now become the top-rated and best option for home EV charging in South Florida.





Website Design

Connectev.com is built from the ground up to convert. Based on a proven lead generating design, we customized every aspect of this site to be engineered to sell. As the industry changes and we get more information on consumer demands, the website is continually being updated to perform.

Logo & Branding

The ConnectEV logo is bold and to the point. The C not only reflects the company name but also, subconsciously, the charging completing indicator. The charging handle is added to the end of the EV to drive the message home.

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