Full E-Commerce Management


CryoMAX, makers of the longest-lasting cold pack, is a top vendor on Amazon in the hot/cold recovery product category. Their goal is to offer a collection of products including heat packs, cooler ice packs, and cooling gels and expand their amazon sales through paid advertising, new product launches, and enhanced content.

#022082 – #4863BD




Amazon A+ Content

The new custom jroofguard.com website stands among one of the best looking webpages in the area, while being built from the ground up, ready to generate leads. The site was built with a strong SEO strategy in mind, having strong keyword content, and built for speed. 

Amazon Ads Management

CryoMAX Amazon ads were not optimized and were costing more to run than the orders they brought in. We were able to transform this negative ROI into over 3X return in only a month and we continue to manage this account.

Shopify Web Design

The new CryoMAX website design aims to establish CryoMAX as a leading seller cold therapy products. The prior design only highlighted the CryoMAX Cold Packs, but as the brand grew past offering only one product they needed a design that showcased their entire product line. The Cold Packs still remain the hero product.

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