Create The Highest Converting Ads in 2024​

As User-Generated Content (UGC) ad specialists in South Florida, we partner with only the best product & service content creators to create the highest converting ads for products & local businesses.

Case Study

• $0.15 Avg. Cost-Per-Click on Social Media Ads.

$40,597 in Monthly Sales while running UGC Ad.

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Trustworthy & Relatable

Choose From Various Creators to Relate to Your Audience

We have a vast selection of talented content creators, each bringing their own flair and expertise to the table. Whether you’re aiming for quirky, heartwarming, or downright awe-inspiring content, we’ve got you covered.

Where Authenticity Meets Creativity

Elevate Your Brand with Authentic UGC-Style Ads

Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story, a hilarious skit, or a jaw-dropping visual masterpiece, the possibilities are endless. Get started now and take your brand to new heights with UGC-style ads that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

How it works:
  1. Product Discovery: We start by developing a thorough understanding your product or service in order to capture your vision and goals for UGC content.

  2. Choose Your Creator: Once we understand your target audience, we’ll provide you with specific content creators whose style aligns with your vision.

  3. Create Script & Ship Products: With your content creator chosen, it’s time to collaborate! We’ll work with you to create an engaging script and handle all the communication with the creators to explain your brand message, aesthetic, and goals. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless creative process and that includes everything from helping you ship your products, to reviewing and bringing your vision to life.

  4. Finalize & Launch: Once your UGC-style ad is ready, review the final product and provide any necessary feedback. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to launch your ad! We’re experts at Paid Social and are ready to use our proven strategy to help you maximize your results.

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