Web Design & Development + Email Marketing + Graphic Design

VI Peel

World renowned sales coach, author, and real estate mogul, Grant Cardone created a platform to give investors access to over $5 Billion worth of multifamily assets. I started off redesigning the website for Cardone Capital and quickly gained the trust to manage all paid marketing channels including paid search (Google Ads), Email Marketing, Paid Social, and CRM automation.





Website Design

Upgraded from a static HTML website to a dynamic WordPress site, the new CardoneCapital.com design helped communicate value to investors and reached an all time high conversion rate of 15% (The highest of any website I’ve built). I continue to manage all development of this website along with its subdomains and landing pages.

Email Marketing

Grant is all about promoting 10X more than the average, so I was tasked with the challenge of creating and sending 3-5 emails per week. That’s every business day. I not only achieved this, but reached all-time high open rates of 40%-50% on a list of over 88K contacts, all while having the emails professionally designed.

Graphic Design

What started with a single ad and a budget of $500/Day eventually became the highest source of conversions for the entire company. Currently the new $45K monthly budget is spread across 5 campaigns including Branded, Non-Branded, Competitor, Performance MAX, and Retargeting Display Ads. I continue to manage all paid search for Cardone Capital.

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